Current Trials

C02722 Hypertension Trial

 CMAX Clinical Research in Partnership with our GP Clinic Network

Are you suffering from mild hypertension? You might be eligible to participate in a clinical trial. Fusion Clinical Research, on behalf of CMAX, are looking for generally healthy people aged 18-72 to get involved in the study for a potential new treatment of hypertension.

The treatment hopes to reduce the frequency in which patients need to take medication and could ultimately improve treatment compliancy in the future.

C02722 requires participants to spend 2 nights at the Adelaide based CMAX facility and to attend 13 follow up visits. Upon completion of the study, all eligible participants are paid for their time.

Interested in getting involved? Register your interest below and we will be in contact as soon as we can!


Eligibility requirements

  • Age: 18-72
  • Sex:
  • BMI: 18-35
  • Medication: – No antihypertensives 14 days prior to study participation as well as during participation
  • Smoking History: Subjects aged >50 need to have stopped smoking more than 12 months prior to screening; subjects aged ≤50 need to have stopped smoking 30 days prior to screening

Overnight Stays

  • 2 nights

Outpatient Visits

  • 13 follow-up visits


  • $7330

How to apply

To register your interest in this trial, please complete this form, or call us on 1800-FUSION (1800 387 466). A Fusion team member will be in contact to discuss your eligibility shortly.