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F00623 COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Trial

 Fusion Clinical Research Norwood

While we’d all like to put COVID behind us, due to lagging
immunity around the world it continues to spread – and mutate.

Mutations or changes, called variants, allow a virus to get around our immune system’s defenses. In other words, any antibodies a person develops against a virus (from getting the illness or from a vaccine) may no longer recognize it as “the enemy” – or as something that needs to be attacked and destroyed.

But right now, this local research study is assessing a booster shot stored at 3 different conditions to see how they compare.

To qualify for this study, you must have received your primary vaccine series for COVID (with or without a booster) AND your last vaccination received was an mRNA shot (e.g., Moderna or Pfizer)

There are no placebo groups—every study participant will get either an investigational booster shot against the Ancestral strain.

If you are interested, register your interest below and we will contact you as soon as we can

Eligibility requirements

  • Age: 18+
  • Sex:
  • Medication: Inclusion Criteria: – Prior receipt of an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine. This may be from a completed primary vaccination series or booster dose(s) of an approved or authorized mRNA COVID-19 vaccine. The last vaccination must be an mRNA COVID-19 vaccination received at least 3 months prior to randomization. Exclusion Criteria: – Has used immunosuppressants or other immune-modifying drugs for 14 consecutive days or more within 3 months prior to the study intervention administration. – Has participated in another study involving any investigational product, vaccine, or device within 28 days before the study intervention administration and/or planned participation through EoS.

Overnight Stays

  • Nil

Outpatient Visits

  • 4 Visits


  • $400

How to apply

To register your interest in this trial, please complete this form, or call us on 1800-FUSION (1800 387 466). A Fusion team member will be in contact to discuss your eligibility shortly.