Current Trials

CM5321s Common Cold Treatment

 Fusion Clinical Research, 64a Fullarton Rd, Norwood

What is involved with this trial?

CM5321 is trialling a potential treatment for the common cold. For this trial, the study drug will be administered as a nasal spray. Your participation will involve a visit to our Norwood Clinic and completing questionnaires via a mobile app.

Why is this research important?

Each year the common cold effects millions of people worldwide, however most medications treat the symptoms not the cause of the cold.  CMAX and Fusion Clinical Research are now trialling a potential new treatment for common cold viruses, rather than just treating symptoms.



Eligibility requirements

  • Age: 18+
  • Sex: Males & Females
  • Medication: Must not be taking any medications to treat cold symptoms
  • Medical History: Recent onset cold symptoms within the past 36 hours. These symptoms need to be moderate to severe and you need to have a runny nose. Must not have thyroid disease.

Overnight Stays

  • Nil

Outpatient Visits

  • 1 Visit, 2 week participation period


  • $500

How to apply

To register your interest in this trial, please complete this form, or call us on 1800-FUSION (1800 387 466). A Fusion team member will be in contact to discuss your eligibility shortly.