Current Trials

F00322 Obesity Weight Loss Trial

 McIntrye Medical Centre

Obesity is a chronic disease and global public health challenge and is associated with complications such as insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Fusion is trialling a novel agent administered via subcutaneous injection that may potentially be beneficial for weight loss.

You may be eligible to participate in this trial if you meet the criteria. Fill out the expression of interest from on this page or contact Fusion Clinical Research today to find out more!


Eligibility requirements

  • Age: 18+
  • Sex:
  • BMI: ≥27 kg/m2
  • Medication: Exclusionary Medication – Weight loss medication, any medication that may cause weight gain, central nervous system stimulants, herbal supplements & over the counter medications for weight loss, and medications that may cause lipodystrophy (loss of bodyfat) within 90 days of screening.
  • Medical History: Must have had at least 1 unsuccessful attempt at weight loss by diet and exercise; must not have type-1 diabetes; must not have history of diabetic retinopathy or diabetic macular oedema; must not have had a greater than 5kg change in weight in past 90 days; must not have a major depressive disorder.

Outpatient Visits

  • Approximately 17 visits over 64 weeks


  • Reimbursement for automobile travel based on the national rate per kilometre.

How to apply

To register your interest in this trial, please complete this form, or call us on 1800-FUSION (1800 387 466). A Fusion team member will be in contact to discuss your eligibility shortly.